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    dake, you are my hero! I would consider trying to switch my Mother from MacOSX to MorphOS2.x when/if it ever gets released for her 1.33GHz G4 iBook, but she is almost 82 years old and her iBook is the only computer she has ever used (her 5 children, including me, bought it for her as a Xmas present several years ago so she could use iChat & Skype to do video calls to other family members, like my Sister that lives half a world away in New Zealand). She can barely handle using email and fails more often than not when she tries to print out a picture someone has sent her. I don't think MorphOS2.x would be a good fit for her, but I will try to get my Brother's and Sister's to take a look at it to see if it fits their needs.


    With so many members here asking for a change to the pricing of MorphOS, PLEASE do not write a single complaint from any of you if the team does lower the price after you have purchased it at the current full price. Other companies lower prices all the time on items without any regard for purchasers that bought the very same product just the day before, or indeed just hours before the price change went into effect. There will always be a few that get a bad deal by purchasing something and then having a price drop happen right after their purchase, so please, please do not make a single complaint if this happens to you if the MorphOS team ever decides to lower the price of MorphOS in the future.
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