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    Thanks for the replies, I hope more members will do the same, but I am only interested in licenses that you have now, not any that you had before and sold. Also, I only need to hear from people that own more than one license key and know if they have 2, 3, 4, 5, or more.

    So, there are 2,931 members here, with probably 30 to 40 that are active on the forums and the rest just browse the information here occasionally. At least it seems that way to me. From that I would guess that the number of MorphOS1.4 users at it's height was/is probably around 2,200 to 2,500 with the remainder of members here just being curious Amiga users that have joined to post a comment once in a Blue Moon.

    That does not bode well for the transition from 1.4 to 2.x versions of MorphOS. It appears that only about one fourth or less of the 1.4 users have purchased a license key for 2.x. That is really not good and I hope the MorphOS Development Team considers this reality very carefully and tries to do something to get most of those approximately 75% of 1.4 MorphOS users to upgrade to 2.x and purchase a license key. Please consider as one option dropping the price of MorphOS2.x to 99 euros, or if that is not acceptable to the team, drop it back down to the introductory price of 111 euros. Do it permanently, or for a specified time period, but if it is for a time period, make the period of time several months, if not for this entire year. We really need those users and more. Please do not turn your backs on the people you had originally interested in MorphOS and ignore the many arguments (either unfounded or some with a bit of merit) pleading for a price change for MorphOS. If there is no practical way to change the license key from being tied to one machine, then please look into changing the pricing of MorphOS so some of the complainers will stop and we will get hundreds more users to upgrade from 1.4 to 2.x and also get some non-users to take the leap from the fence they are sitting on and choose to use MorphOS instead of any other alternatives.

    As for the number of registered MorphOS2.x users (not machine license keys issued), my guess would be that there are only about 500 or less, as probably at least half of the people that own one license, also have one or more secondary license for another computer. And, as shown in this thread, some people have 3, or 4, or more registered MorphOS computers which could lower that 500 number even further. We are a rare group. No doubt about that, but with the current state of MorphOS2.4 running on the Pegasos, Pegasos2, Efika and G4 MacMini as well as it does, there is no reason we cannot double and triple the number of MorphOS2.x users in a short number of months ahead. With the release of 2.5 and support for the G4 PowerMac and possibly the G4 eMac in the near future, there will be even more opportunity to increase the ranks of MorphOS users (and hopefully developers too).

    For those with multiple MorphOS2.x computers with registered licenses, I challenge you to make good use of them, or make sure they get into someone else's hands that is not a current registered MorphOS2.x user. Don't let them sit in a closet. Use them or sell them to someone who will, which will increase the number of registered MorphOS2.x users without any increase in the number of registered MorphOS2.x computers.

    Have a great day!
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