2010 - your expectations
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    >> Cell processor designs (haven't heard anything in this direction for a long time)

    > "In November 2009, an IBM representative said that it has discontinued
    > the development of a Cell processor with 32 SPUs but they have not
    > halted development of other future products in the Cell family."
    > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(microprocessor)#History

    IBM's Systems and Technology Group CTO says:

    "Development around the original Cell processor hasn't stalled and IBM will continue to develop chips and supply hardware for future gaming consoles, a company executive said. IBM is working with gaming machine vendors including Nintendo and Sony, said Jai Menon, CTO of IBM's Systems and Technology Group, during an interview Thursday. "We want to stay in the business, we intend to stay in the business," he said. [...] IBM also will continue to invest in Cell as part of its hybrid and multicore chip strategy, Menon said. "I think you'll see [Cell] integrated into our future Power road map. That's the way to think about it as opposed to a separate line -- it'll just get integrated into the next line of things that we do," Menon said. "But certainly, we're working with all of the game folks to provide our capabilities into those next-generation machines." Menon [...] said its Power processors have capabilities that are similar to those of the Cell chips. "The kinds of things you used to be able to do with the Cell you can do in ... [the] Power line," Menon said."

    To me that sounds like the Cell and POWER lines will merge into a single line, i.e. POWER8 will sport Cell SPE (like) units.
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    2010 is almost over now. While some things kept beyond expectation (e.g. user number increase), I think it was a rather nice year. I used MorphOS for many things and am especially happy that I was able to use it productively for my university job.

    Whenever you're sad just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.
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    An interesting re-visit of those thoughts.. I read each one including my own and they can be pretty telling.

    First, PPC is not dead (although Titan is out of here).

    Secondt, we did recieve all the promised hardware support, and look forward to even more great additions (and I found a 1.8 not a 1.6 Mhz processor). The path chosen by the development team seems better than any alternative ideas offered by us.

    Third, I spent a LOT of time on too many different projects that went no where. Anybody want a couple MPC8640D processors?

    Fourth, Andreas fact based posts and projection still appear to be the most accurate posted here (still waiting for a Power/Cell fusion though).

    Have a good New Year's Eve tomorrow folks and remember to celebrate my birthday!
    (Of course now remembering you in Europe are already at 12/31)

    BTW - Does this thread now morph into a what do you hope for 2011 thread or does that belong elsewhere?
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    naaa We'll just open a new one after 2.8 is released
    happy new year 2 all!
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    3. I hope that once more Mac models are supported by MorphOS, most of the AmigaOS4.x camp will see that their OS of choice is virtually the same as MorphOS, except MorphOS is free to try, runs on faster and much cheaper hardware, and they decide to take the time to find out for themselves all the advantages MorphOS has to offer them.

    Personally, I think you would be much better off not trying to compete for an ever shrinking user base and instead go for new users. I keep saying the same about AROS where fans seem obsessed with "winning" over old customers. Real growth will only happen with a focus outside the ever shrinking Amiga community. This is probably the only thing Commodore-USA has done right so far... ;-)
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