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    A custom shaped high quality vinyl sticker is what I'm thinking of currently but the cost could be prohibitive.

    Sounds nice :-)

    Having designs people can print and do themselves is a good idea, it'll allow choice because in all likely hood if I go with what I'm thinking, only one design will get made.

    The main reason I'm thinking of doing this is because I'm also planning on supplying tested/cleaned used mac minis to new users, and a lot of used minis have yellowed and/or scratched tops. I thought a nice quality morphos sticker would tidy them up a bit.


    The most important thing of course is the design itself. I'm thinking that the design needs to be a good generic one, something that isn't going to devide opinion. Ok you're never going to get something everyone loves but you don't want a design that some love and some hate. Better a design that is universally thought of as "nice". That's the reason I've used the metallix wallpaper in my poor quality mock up. It probably wouldn't be everyone's number one choice but I can't see it being really disliked.
    I'm no artist or graphic designer. So if someone else wants to come up with some designs so we could have a poll to choose one for the sticker, that would be great! If not I'll probably go with the metallix idea (as long as the morphos team guys say it's ok for it to be used).
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