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    'sup ssolie,
    as far as amiwest goes amigadave's report indicates it was a good turn out not 20 or so. Usually these functions draw alot of support form the community. I remember 5-7 years ago when software hut did an open house for their store in Pa. USA. It drew a decent size crowd, I remember seeing the amigaone there for the first time. I also remember the amigaeast show in MD USA around the same time frame and it was huge. The point....I didn't recall seing MorphOs in action at either event. If MorphOs was represented, then I might have been turned to it much sooner than last year. afaik amigadave represented for morphos last year on his then new efika, but would much rather support in the form of programmers or more experienced users to display morphos capabilities. Not being present to display the alternative perspective, look, and feel further perpetuates the concept of the hobbie OS and adds to the shroud of secrecy which is MorphOs. I was always a diehard AOS user simply because I knew not what morphOS was, but in retrospect, I was ignorant, but then there are others still out there. the conclusion is we benefit further with promotion. For the record I finally made the leap of faith through a.org/aw.net with the mention of the os on new hardware, and haven't looked back since.
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