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    @ magnetic:

    Why in hearth would any morphos team member come to a shoddy Amiga show?

    Maybe because MorphOS could show the evolution of Amiga spirit?!?
    According to my point of view, that spirit seems to be lacking from too much time... And maybe it won't be anymore..
    Or maybe because it could show everybody things are going on and evolve more and more...
    Or maybe just for fun!!!
    Well, my 2 euro-cents ;-)


    Dollars, Euros, Yen or whatelse kind of money..... What all of that could change your life?
    Emphasizing the money issue all the time makes all the threads annoying...
    Would you try to kindly invite team members to AmiWest and ask directly to them about
    the money problem, drinking something alltogether?
    It could be the right occasion to speak with them personally and deepen this complex topic.
    Considering they all have family, lives, works and so on of course and so they couldn't come there...
    Well, yet another 2 euro-cents ;-)
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