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    Does anybody plan to bring MorphOS to AmiWest 2009 and what do you plan to show off?

    From the now locked topic:

    I already have my 1.5GHz G4 PPC MacMini (so no need to send me one) and plans to attend AmiWest again this year with my Efika running what ever the current version of MorphOS is at that time, but I would love to show a beta of MorphOS3.0 on my MacMini at the show if the public release is not finished yet.

    I'll certainly volunteer to show either a beta of 3.0, or the real thing in finished form at AmiWest 2009.

    Tim & Chris are you ready for another road trip? Maybe we will take Tim's car this time (and I promise not to take it off-roading and hit any rocks this time). ;-)

    Looks like about 500 licenses are sold so far at say 150 EUR a pop means Ralph Schmidt has taken in 75,000 EUR which is getting close to $100,000 USD. After deductions for used Mac hardware and such I'd think the MorphOS Team can easily afford to make a showing at AmiWest 2009. So how about it?

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