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    Okay, next question.

    What do you all think is a good price for a 1.5GHz G4 PPC MacMini?

    I thought that between $250 to $300 would be a good price for the seller and an acceptable price for me, but for that I would hope to get a keyboard, mouse, the original OS & software discs and maybe some extras. If it has the max RAM installed plus the SuperDrive DVD writer and/or an upgraded hard drive I would be willing to pay a little extra.

    Do those prices sound about right to any of you?

    I have seen some go for over $400 on eBay, but that seems excessive.

    I don't like the sellers that advertise that they are leaving a bunch of expensive software and/or upgraded OS on the hard drive, but not including any of the media for it in the sale/auction, but that is just me.

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