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    pega-1 wrote:

    Well, it's very likely that you will be able to get the MacMini G4 release of MorphOS this year.

    You must run ! I can't wait more than two weeks !!! ;-)

    More seriously, I (strongly) hope you manage to release it much sooner than the end of the year... :-)


    Don't hold your breath on support of wireless networking and bluetooth, though, both are features we are most likely not going to implement.

    Well, the first Mac mini release must be out as soon as possible and the wireless has not a big priority (if you ask me, I would also welcome an immediate release without ethernet and sound... anyway, do you need a ready and bright betatester ? :-) ) but i think, for the future, a wireless network support will become more worthwhile...

    Bluetooth is unnecessary to me and I, for sure, can live without it...
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