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    I'm gonna be optimistic here, and assume that it means 1.5 in a few weeks :-D What the heck, it's free to dream!

    Anyway, I've got a user meeting on Sat. Feb 17th, for what remains of the Amiga (& friends) user base here in this area. I'd LOVE to show them 1.5 on my Efika which by then should be in a case, as well as on my Pegasos II, which is already in a case ;-)

    I could trot out a few PegI's as well, but what the heck, the memory access is probably faster on the Efika anyhow, and my PegI's seem only happy with 128M sticks as it is :-/ Maybe all the PegI's could be repurposed to run OS4, since as we all know the Articia isn't b0rken, it could almost double their user base! I kid, I'm a kidder..

    Well if it doesn't happen, I don't lose. And if it does, we all win big!
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