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    If a product such as MorphOS was opensourced, I cannot think of much good coming out of it. For proof, just look at Linux. yes, I have a Linux server at home running on a Pegasos 2, but can I say I like Linux? Definately NOT - I like MorphOS, it is *almost* Perfect for me the way it is (ie: doesn't need a lot more done on it).

    To me a perfect OS is:

    - one which works in the way I like (ie: MorphOS does)
    - one which is NOT bundled with lots of junk I don't want *unless* they are optionally installed (ie: junk, like TCP/IP, Web Browser, Games, Utilities etc) - remember, some computer uses are not for Browsing the net or networking... don't assume everyone wants all their computers to be used like this.
    - one with is relatively bug-free
    - one which gets regular updates so that it runs on the latest hardware *OR* in which the *current* hardware has no intention of being phased out
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