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    You can create empty files of any size with the FileWrite command in MorphOS. Check the ADF creating example on the linked page, HDFs work in the same way, just calculate the wanted size in bytes there. Remember the filesystem limits for the max file size.

    After creating an empty file, you can add RDB on it, partition it, and format it either directly in MorphOS (FileImageCtrl/HDConfig/Format) or under the emulation with Amiga tools (HDToolbox/Format). Or do some steps under MorphOS and rest on Amiga etc...

    Doing everything in MorphOS goes basically like this (creating a 200MB HDF with FFS, ready to use):

    1) Calculate the size: Eval 1024*1024*200
    2) Create an empty file: FileWrite Empty200MB.hdf 209715200
    3) Launch Tools/FileImageCtrl and drag&drop the empty file on its window
    4) Launch Tools/HDConfig
    5) Click the button next to the FILE IMAGE device which shows the size of the file you just created, and select RDB
    6) Accept and click the Save button on the red area
    7) Click on the area that shows free space, select how many partitions you want
    8) Click on the newly created partition and change its Filesystem to FFS and change the Name to something else than DH0 (FI0 for example)
    9) Accept and save with the red area button again
    10) Launch Tools/Format or "Utilities/Format Disk..." Ambient menu, select your new image file, give it a Label, and Quick Format it

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