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    >> this...was because it was...PowerPacker-compressed

    > I have checked this under OS3. That's true! Thanks!

    Thanks should go to the author of comment #34 ;-)

    > if I had not installed it before and Wayfarer, Iris, Shell etc. worked fine,
    > why then it caused so much trouble...? Because if ARexx is available,
    > then all try to use it...?

    Wayfarer, Iris and Shell offer message ports ("ARexx ports", however on MorphOS recommended to be served via Lua), so if rexxsyslib.library is found, I guess they load it for this purpose, even though it's just a dummy library.
    If you replace this rexxsyslib.library with a random bitstream (which is what PowerPacker-compressed files look like from MorphOS perspective) going by the same name, the applications fail to start, apparently.
    (I'm not sure I correctly understand your question, so my reply may not really answer it.)
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