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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    > I have installed the dummy rexxsys.library via Grunch and then overwritten it

    This sounds confusing. The MorphOS-native dummy rexxsyslib.library is installed by default (in MOSSYS:Libs). Grunch can then be used to install an m68k one from Aminet (silently using that archive, IIRC) to SYS:Libs, in which process the original (dummy) one in MOSSYS:Libs is deactivated by being renamed.

    From the author of Grunch:


    I started Grunch which told me: rexxsyslib was not installed. Okay, then I installed it.
    I do not want to write something wrong: Could be that in System --> Libs, there was a rexxsys.library which I overwrote with my bad one.
    In MOSSYS --> Libs, there was and is still the dummy. This is correct or should there be also the proper rexxsys.library?

    But what actually almost scared me was the fact that so many applications did not work any longer only caused by an old version of rexxsys.library??!!

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