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    Hello everybody,

    After killing 2 iMac G5 last week-end... yes, I'm a G5 killer... I restart my PowerMac G5 2,7 GHz. I installed the SSD SATA of my iMac into it, swapped the graphic board and installed the X1950GT (or XT, I can't remember ^^).

    After deleting the poseidon.prefs and copied the morphos.key, all seemed too be good but... The first data access on the SSD is very long. For example, if I launch IRIS, I'm waiting 10 sec or more before viewing the lauching window and the same when I click on "new mail". Same when I type a simple dir in a shell... 10 seconds or more before seeing something.

    Same with thumbnails in a listview of Ambient or when I want to see a picture with ShowCase.

    I tried to make a memtest extensive (reverse) but all is ok.

    The HD is a SSD bought new and only used in the iMac with MorphOS.

    If somebody got any idea, I take it !

    Proud user of MorphOS since 2003 !
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