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    Flash wrote:
    Anyway the star is black with one shade of gray for missing reflections.
    Inside the star the is still a colored texture, well visible.

    Thank you very very much for the test.
    I just wanted to know if texture on the star has reflections. So the problem still exists.

    I needed this test not only for the demo. Now I am trying to change gfx-style of a game which I create to more minimalistic/flat. Result of your test helped me make decision about the style. I will not use env-map on some objects. This is not very big problem because don’t want use it. I was looking for a reason of don’t use this feature. :) :) Now I have the reason. I can focus on style without env-map. :)

    I am going to think about a fix for the Kheshkhash demo. However not now.
    I a near future I am going to release new version of all demos because contain important fixes (e.g. fixed bug noticed by Alexco), internal modifications, added function for save report to a text file.

    Thank you for the test.
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