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    So I come back to you with results.
    Demo is really superb, graphic and music are hypnotic.
    I was just considering how it runs fluid on my Peg2 in real time rendering and how bad is youtube video due compression algorithm, too heavy for my machine.

    Anyway the star is black with one shade of gray for missing reflections.
    Inside the star the is still a colored texture, well visible.

    I tested demo twice with and without latest Bigfoot TinyGL release.
    Between two (maybe I have to recheck) there's a slight color difference, with updated TiniGL star color is not black but dark brown or al least it was my impression.
    If you want I can recheck this particular.

    EDIT: tested in 1280x720x32 screenmode. Once I switched to 16 bit mode result is slighty different, I can confirm brown star with some shade of brown for reflections but in 16 bit mode there's also some flickering in star arms and at center the visible textures are two or three.

    EDIT2: Tested also under Macmini (silent upgrade version) with MOS 3.18 and latest TiniGL updates: result is the same. This time I tested also in window mode and results are the same than a dedicated screen. The visible textures inside the star are three, confirmed. In window mode I notice less fuidity, I think it's normal.

    Let me know if you need test a new release.
    Have fun!

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