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    Does anybody have a device with Radeon 9200 and MorphOS 3.18? I need test something on this graphics card but I have only PowerBookG4 (A1138).

    I heard some time ago (before MorphOS 3.18) that on Radeon 9200 was one problem in Kheshkhash 2.0 demo. Textures on spiky objects (visible on the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-cM6VD0Xpc in times 2:01 - 2:25 and 4:30 - 4:46) don't look like on the video. I need to check if the problem still exists.

    If a user of the config could check how it looks now, I would be happy. :)

    The Kheshkhash demo is available on the MorphOS Storage:

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