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    jacadcaps wrote: I agree: PageStream needs to have settings for the toolbar hotkeys!

    That's nice that you agree, but it doesn't offer a solution to the conflict, as the Function keys functionality is tied to the program itself, with no usual user means of changing their assignment.

    cyfm is well aware of this aspect as he spent a lot of time re-working PageStream so that it works as well as it does now, but the Function keys operability were not changed from the way they worked from how they were coded in v4, which was way back to the year 2000 when PageStream v4 was authored. They were never intended to be altered by the user when the program was in use, as there is no setting to allow these Function keys assignment to be modified.

    I am just asking if you are willing, and consider it possible, to find a better solution to this conflict? ;-)


    cyfm wrote: Actually, on Mac keyboards, extra functions like brightness and legacy function keys F1-15 are sharing the same key.

    I'm fully aware of there being a 'Function' (Fn) key on the PowerBook's keyboard that offers dual functionality for the 'Function' keys.

    cyfm wrote: There is an additional Fn qualifier key on most newer mac keyboards to toggle the feature, the iMac originally came with one as well.

    However, AFAIK, that was not the case on the A1048 wired keyboard that was originally supplied with the A1145 iMac, as there is no 'Function' (Fn) key on that keyboard or the A1016 (bluetooth-wireless) keyboard which I use predominantly with my A1145 iMac. Though both the A1048 and the A1016 both have Control, Alt/Option, and Command keys - which is why I suggested them as being possible for consideration to bypass this keyboard conflict-clash, unless you can offer a solution for PageStream with some revised PageStream5.rsc file modification, as there is no documentation that will allow this to be done without some knowledge of the inner workings of that PageStream file, or another file that handles that capability. 8-D

    cyfm wrote: Laptop.mprefs has a checkbox to toggle the feature for both PowerBooks and iMac, so you either have legacy function keys directly or additional h/w control.

    I realise I can remove the checkmark from the checkbox in the iMac Settings so that it does not 'clash-conflict' with the PageStream Toolbox Function keys assigned usage, but I was hoping to not have to keep deactivating the usefulness of the Brightness Setting for the iMac each time I want to use PageStream, or have to re-enable it each time I a want to use the brightness setting, and vice-versa for the Toolbox functions I utilise when using PageStream.

    The brightness keyboard setting seems like an excellent addition to MorphOS for the iMac, but it clashes-conflicts with the hardcoded Function key functionality of PageStream's Toolbox Function keys assignment, for the main 2 Toolbox Function keys as it is, and I feel sure there is a way to modify/implement a better keyboard assignment for MorphOS that then does not clash-conflict with PageStream, at least I hope so. 8-)
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