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    I've come across the situation that the iMac Brightness adjustment keys (F1 and F2) conflicts with the PageStream Toolbox keyboard shortcut selection keys (F1 - Object Tool, F2 - Text tool - bear in mind that there are other F? Keys that are assigned for use with the Toolbox function buttons with PageStream), and as a result it is necessary to deactivate the iMac Brightness key setting (remove checkmark) while using PageStream.

    Is there a way to allow either a modifier key (Control, Alt/Option, or Command keys) to ensure that the iMac Brightness key(s) do not conflict with the PageStream Toolbox shortcut keys in the first place? :-?

    Or, allow a user to set/choose the iMac Brightness keyboard shortcut key(s) to suit their own setup? :-?
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