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    Robertc85 wrote:
    if nothing else i suppose i could try to learn to port app over from the penguin side of things ;)

    While porting things is very nice, doing original stuff is better imo. Programming with MorphOS isn't exactly, well is totally not, the same thing as programming some POSIX thingy (ie: Linux, BSD, whatever unixism). Also, we don't have any user interface bridge (say QT, Gnome, KDE, whatever UI toolkit)... which limit porting to command line tool (ixemul black magic) or SDL1/2 stuff (mostly games).

    Maybe exploring the rabbit hole of native programming using MorphOS system API? :)

    We'll be more than happy to hint you.

    As a start, you can explore https://library.morph.zone/

    Welcome aboard. :)
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