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    i've been a commodore fan since i was given a hand me down PET as a child in the late 80's early 90s. my main use of computers has to do with audio production usually as it relates to radio. i know (or should i say, remember) some BASIC. again thanks mostly to commodore machines. i don't know much about amiga like systems but i'm def willing to learn or try to learn. my more expanded knowledge is limited to earlier windows systems (7 and earlier) and unix / linux systems, i am an okay web designer when it comes to being helped by wordpress. lol

    as for the why i decided to try morph, being amiga like i know there was a lot of music software made for the old systems, so if nothing else i aim to learn from it, and if my education helps others somehow, that's even better

    if nothing else i suppose i could try to learn to port app over from the penguin side of things ;)

    i dunno, let's throw ome ideas at the wall and see what sticks?
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