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    You should be able to prepare a bootable ISO with already existing tools - there's mkisofs in MOSSYS:Data/Jalapeno.

    I'd strongly advise you to create a copy of your system somewhere, say Work:BootCD folder instead of creating an iso directly! You'll need additional files there anyway. Assuming you're using a PPC Mac, you should mount the MorphOS ISO corresponding to the OS you have installed and copy the mac_ppc32/64 folders to Work:BootCD. Those folders are hardcoded in the OpenFirmware so don't try to rename them ;) Once you've copied your system partition there, you can generate the ISO. Try this in a shell:


    cd Work:
    MOSSYS:Data/Jalapeno/mkisofs -allow-lowercase -sysid MorphOS -V MorphOS -iso-level 3 -R -l -o Work:BootCD.ISO BootCD

    You can now burn the ISO with Jalapeno. Should work :)
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