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    I would say that for many MorphOS users, it is a combination of nostalgia and knowing how the system works, with no hidden actions happening without the user's consent and knowledge. That, plus I think that all former Amiga users have this feeling that their OS of choice should have been the winner in the 1980's OS wars, because at its inception, it was far superior to anything from Apple or Microsoft. AmigaOS should have become the dominant operating system all over the world, if not for mismanagement and corporate ineptitude that ruined Commodore. Of course it would have had to evolve into something different to keep up with the changing standards and security requirements, but if the original team could have been kept together and given the proper resources, AmigaOS would no doubt have become dominant and Windows might never have happened. I think we all have this feeling of "What If", that can never be resolved.

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