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    coolchilli schrieb:
    Hi community!

    I use MorphOS for a coupöe of reasons. First and probably most important one is that I know the system like no other system. This is because of my private computer background (started on Amiga 500) and because the system is comparatively easy, slim and transprent. I want to control my system as much as possible and on MorphOS I can do that. MorphOS doesn't do things that I don't want it to do (and that more or less OOTB). Also I use old files and programs. My harddisk stil contains much of the stuff from the 90ies, my mail archieve dates back to 1998. These things are rather advantages tied to my own background. In short: I just feel home in front of MorphOS.

    But I think that usability and the UI in general is pretty high and logical. Of course it's different to - say - OS X where usability in general is very high, but for the "price" that normal users are just accepting but not actively deciding or controlling what actually happens on their machines.

    I also like the niche. It's a small but friendly community. A bit to small though...

    I use MorphOS as my main OS (privately), a bit more computing power would be nice though.

    A few years ago I liked the fact of being a PowerPC driven system quite a lot. I was thinking about and working (a bit) on a lightweight solution -a small 5125 based device similar to what the Raspberry Pi became. But then the Raspberry came and ppc ran into some void... Today I see PPC as some unlucky heritage and would be glad if we could leave it rather sooner than later.

    I like to program on MorphOS even though I use only Hollywood which isn't MorphOS specific.

    The resource efficiency is a high plus. And recycling of old computers is of course a great thing that sould get more general attention. It saves resources. Although this is not true on all cases, the G5s are drawing quite some wattage, 24/7 operation of these machines yields probably not a good ecological mark.

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