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    Well I'm running a business on MorphOS. Works perfect for my needs.

    I use PolyOrganizer, Iris, Scatterbrain, Outline, FinalWriter, Wayfarer (with the PDF creation add on), and all the built in OS items (PDF reading/printing, etc.).

    The only exception if my finance software that is running on my 3000.

    I tested all the Amiga like options and MorphOS is really the only one capable of running a modern business on it. IMHO the big advantage with MorphOS is that the Team worked steadfastly on the OS for a great many years and didn't get into the hardware business. Now it is very mature and they have been developing applications that are wonderful. Most of the other Amiga like OS solutions keep rebooting or start from scratch and put a big emphasis on games. This speaks volumes for the MorphOS Team and developers if you ask me.

    For me I use Morphos to solve current needs and to replace my winbloz box wherever possible. Even though I have used Amigas since the mid 80's, most of the software I run is native to MorphOS. I will play an occasional game with my kids across the network on it as well.
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