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    great answers - thank you.

    I wasn't a first time round Amiga-user, but coveted the CDTV which I'm now happy to own. My (limited) experience of MorphOS the last few weeks concurs with your feedback. I'm also really interested in the angle of keeping old Macs alive - it seems quite breathtaking to me that this community can do something which Apple should (and could) easily to - namely a modern browser to keep in service for longer their old hardware...

    ... their business model isn't sadly compatible with this idea though...

    ... on cyber-risks - I could imagine there are lots of reasons why MorphOS might be more secure than MacOS or Windows - not least of which is that it doesn't get the attention from hackers. I presume that there is a tight process of how vulnerabilities are identified and closed off? Am curious though - is there any particular strength in design features in this regard? It strikes me that hackers are increasingly being blamed for e-waste, which is rather unfair... those with these skills that I know are perhaps the most ecologically conscious people in my network! They would be mortified if they are being blamed for tonnes of e-waste...

    nonetheless, I digress - thanks for the comments, and look forward to hopefully some more to come!

    MorphOS 3.17 on iBook G4 + Workbench 1.3 on CDTV
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