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    Hi Charles

    I posted the below on your linkedin post;

    "To me Morphos is a continuation of the brilliant light weight responsive operating system which was AmigaOS. Back in the 90s AmigaOS ran rings around Windows (even Windows 95) with much better multitasking and had a logic to it that really made sense. It booted in seconds and could be used immediately in a lot less memory. Morphos continues this. I use it because I prefer it to Windows. In reality it’s my weekend OS when Windows 10 is my weekday OS, although I’d love it if it could be used 7 days a week."

    But what I would add to that is that I mainly use MorphOS now to get away from my work desktop and use an operating system I actually like and understand better, that in my mind is more obvious as well in how it is structured and operates. Therefore I use it mainly for web-browsing, YouTube and also for playing retro games but only those I kind of missed first time around post the year 2000, such as Quake 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, along with some of the MorphOS specific games like Knights & Merchants. WINUAE is there if I want to go back and be nostalgic about the 90s.

    Like I said at the start, I really consider MorphOS to be a continuation of where the Amiga had got to by the year 2000, when I was forced to originally give it up as I went into the working world.
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