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    >> running on legacy PPC (because of course the G5 is quite
    >> old an MorphOS doesn't support IBM Power8/9/10 systems)

    > Newer POWER-family-(ish) chips are also supported (like
    > QorIQ 5020/5040 or AMCC 460ex) - used in AmigaOne X5000
    > and SAM460ex respectively - still in production AFAIR.

    By now there're 3 main generations of Power(PC) cores: PowerPC up to v2.02, Power from v2.03 to v2.07B and Power from v3.0 up. The question is what's considered legacy Power(PC): everything up to v2.02, which means MorphOS also runs on non-legacy Power(PC), or everything up to v2.07B, which means MorphOS only runs on legacy Power(PC).
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