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    Couple of quick notes...

    CPU compatibility: Does it count that MorphOS runs on G5 CPUs which are 64bit? Even though binaries aren't 64bit :)

    Multi-touch: Besides the 2-finger scroll it also supports clicking (left button) and two fingers right button click (couple of variations of it).

    64-bit support: What kind of support this means? There's some 64-bit support in OS components... like filesystem and IO operations.

    Full disk encryption: Do Kryptos encrypted disks count? Although you probably can't encrypt the system partition...

    Software license: some parts of MorphOS are open source: Source Code Releases

    MySQL or PostgreSQL: Does SQLite count?

    Can run other OS's apps: MorphOS can run AmigaOS applications (68k, PPC/WarpOS, and PPC/PowerUP).

    And yes, if 3rd party solutions can be added, then there will be much more to add.
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