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    Flash wrote:
    Other simple things in "to do list" could be a better understanding of some MOS features/prefs.
    I find too much difficult to set window's borders go out the screen, or set a click to front or hide all opened windows in one pass.
    I read a recent topic on this forum about these non friendly procedures.
    Maybe a nice solution could be to add some icon scripts to set all these features (and others) in fast/simple way or add a some specific button in windows prefs.

    At the very least, the standard installer should offer to use either a profile with common sense defaults aimed at new users or a different profile for old timers.


    I remember first time I used MOS was going crazy to let windows go outside screen's borders. (...) IMHO much simpler move windows over screen limits and make space for others.

    I still get annoyed by this after all these years.

    The problem got slightly mitigated by the recent introduction of the Exposé-like app/window switching feature but it still does not solve the giant problem that some of Ambient's UI elements can only be clicked if there are no windows in front them, which can be a major pain point for new users when you prohibit them from moving windows out of the way as they would in any other major operating system.
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