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    jPV wrote:
    It's not a bug, but design.

    It's bad design, though. The fact that Ambient merely copied bad behavior from an older piece of software does not really matter.


    Ambient is more DOpus clone than Amiga's Workbench clone, and this behaviour has copied from Directory Opus where you can select many files without using any keyboard qualifier or so.

    You can select multiple files without the need to press keys in any mainstream operating system.

    However, all of them handle this in a much more elegant and relatively consistent way compared to Ambient.

    When moving from Windows to MacOS to, say, Ubuntu, there is no need to relearn how to select multiple files whatsoever.

    On the other hand, MorphZone is filled with posts from people who got confused by the weird and clunky way this is handled in Ambient.


    the current Ambient behaviour is very good :)

    If you like it, that is fine by me but it is clearly not intuitive or people would not keep bringing it up.


    It's still faster to select a range of files just by mouse than if you'd select a file and then press a key when selecting the last file etc...

    Every other OS just uses the "lasso" tool for this and does not expect you to figure out that dragging file names towards the left triggers different actions compared to dragging file names towards the right, etc.
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