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    sailor wrote:
    What is the best way to clone Ambient settings to another computer? ( including windows offscreen, panels, etc.. ) I have several MorphOS machines and I am too lazy to setup again and again everytning. ;-)

    When I copy content of Prefs/Ambient to other computer, there not exact setting from remote computer, but some merge of two settings (two panels for example).

    Is it OK to delete local Prefs/Ambient and copy there the remote? Is it enough?

    I think it should work fine to replace (not copy over) the whole Prefs/Ambient dir if you have the same directory structure and partition names on both machines. Try to rename old dir out of use without deleting it (easy to revert if needed), and see if new one works fine.

    Ambient.prefs contains the most important usability settings, and also if you've made any changes to Advanced.conf file.

    All panel definitions are in the Panels dir, one file per panel. So if they were with different names, you might get duplicates, but it's easy to check.

    The Filetypes directory contains all Ambient MIME type settings. So it affects what happens when you double click a file or use RMB for the context menu. These are most fragile for file paths being exactly the same on both computers.
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