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    Flash wrote:
    Other simple things in "to do list" could be a better understanding of some MOS features/prefs.
    I find too much difficult to set window's borders go out the screen, or set a click to front or hide all opened windows in one pass.

    Maybe just pointing more to the MorphOS Library? :)


    I read a recent topic on this forum about these non friendly procedures.

    I don't think it's that non-friendly... don't users just check the system settings on every new OS they install? They're not hidden any more than settings on any other OS.


    Maybe a nice solution could be to add some icon scripts to set all these features (and others) in fast/simple way or add a some specific button in windows prefs.

    Set all features how? Each user has their own preferences/favourites how to set a system.. If we'd have hundred scripts to choose, would that be any easier?


    Personally I'd like to set this option as default because workbench/ambient space is tiny at 720p resolution and I have to use too much windows depth gadgets to switch among all them.
    IMHO much simpler move windows over screen limits and make space for others.

    I was using this feature first, because it was possible (on Amiga it wasn't), but then I went back to the option that windows don't go off screen automatically. I myself find it more comfortable to keep whole windows visible all the time and the rarer occasions when I want them to go off screen, I just can press the ctrl key. Using certain fullscreen programs on their own screen helps to keep windows tidy and there isn't much need to place any windows outside the screens. But that said, I can admit that maybe it would be more comfortable for "mainstream people" to let windows to go out of screen by default... Amiga users can dig out the prefs when they want to disable it :)
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