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    MoerBoer wrote:

    Flash wrote:
    Anyway as simple thing to do I'd like to have in a next version Ambient drag and drop files issue fixed.
    When I manage files in text lists instead of icons, multiple files/drawers are selected instead just one i want.
    When I use to manage files via icons on Ambient all seems to be right.
    It's a very very old bug.

    Hah! For me never having an Amiga, I thought the behaviour you described in the list view with drag and drop is normal!

    It's also a small thing that irritates me, I have to very careful to just select the one file and drag it perfectly horizontally otherwise it just selects more files and off they all go :-)

    It's not a bug, but design. Ambient is more DOpus clone than Amiga's Workbench clone, and this behaviour has copied from Directory Opus where you can select many files without using any keyboard qualifier or so.

    I'm not sure if you can even select a range of files in the name mode in Workbench at all? Maybe only if you resize a window wide enough and use lasso from far right all the way to the left over the filenames ... but in any case it's almost impossible in WB, and compared to that, the current Ambient behaviour is very good :)

    I generally prefer the current way to select files in DOpus style, but of course it can be a bit difficult to drag just one item, but for other operations it's good. It's still faster to select a range of files just by mouse than if you'd select a file and then press a key when selecting the last file etc...
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