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    Kronos wrote:
    I see 2 ways to do "Dual CPU":

    1) something like PowerUP where you have a small API to start computational tasks that can be scheduled to the 2nd CPU/core but will also be able to run on single CPU systems. G4, G5, X5000

    2) do the whole monty, make it proper SMP go 64Bit (bye bye G4) and maybe even AMD

    Pretty much spot on. I've already considered doing the first suggestion a number of times, but I always weigh up the amount of effort needed versus potential benefits. Very few things would end up using secondary cores on a system, and the main one I can think of, video playback, can better be accelerated in different ways.


    It would be ideal if 1) could be done in a way that it turns out to be a stepping stone for 2) but that would require it to be 64Bit ruling out running these on anything G4 and maybe even on single core G5s.

    The "NG" kernel I wrote, which is what is/was used to run MorphOS on AMD64, does already support SMP on the X5000. Just to avoid confusion: This is purely on the kernel side of things so far, MorphOS programs can't access the other cores.

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