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    I also wrote a long time ago to MOS-Team for 2nd IDE-Channel on EFIKA. 2nd channel works flawless with Linux (and OF of course)! If you have enough place in your case, 2 HDs are possible. Better way is to use a Dual-CF-Adapter. Big CF-Cards are'nt cheap - so it makes sencs to use 2 smaler Cards in EFIKA.

    BTW: I want also a RS232-device on EFIKA. Then I can use it as a mesuarement-device. This does'nt work with USB2Serial (timing problems). That I also wrot ot the team, long time ago.......


    And (Christmas is not sooo far away) support of DualCPU in G5............but I think that won't happen before MOS 4.0......
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