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    In past I read several times the MPC5200b Datasheet, Users Guide and Users manual, and nowhere mentioned only one device.

    There is mentioned only:
    - only one ATA controller
    - ATA ver. 4 compatible.
    Note: Two devices per controller supported from ATA v.1, two controllers from v.2, v.3 adds S.M.A.R.T, v.4 adds support for CD (ATAPI)
    - low controller current
    - short cable needed
    - missing CSEL signal - i.e. pin 28 not connected.

    It means we need:
    - external power for IDE bus
    - short ( I have 5 cm ) 44-pin ATA cable with three connectors M-F-F, crossed pairs between M and F
    - setup disks (or IDE-SATA converters) with jumpers to master and slave.

    All was tested with IDE HDD and IDE-mSATA converter + mSATA SSD. Prooved in Open firmware, link is in post #2 above.
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