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    bigfoot wrote:
    I'm not convinced that it would be super useful in an Efika, but if you're willing to get experimental, you could try something like the StarTech ST1000BT32. Seems to be keyed for universal PCI operation, and it uses the Realtek 8110SC chip, which there is a chance would work with the existing MorphOS Realtek 8168 driver.

    But let me just make this very clear: There's no guarantee that this card will work, so trying it is taking a little bit of a chance. Luckily it's not very expensive.

    I am not sure if it will be useful in Efika (she is not filful 100 Mbps, in real she have 60 Mbps ). But it will be useful in Pegasos 1 ( with builtin 100 Mbps NIC have real 90 Mbps with 60% CPU utilization ) and old Powermacs.
    Anyway thank you very much for the tip, I will try it and know the result.
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