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    IKE wrote:
    I used to use some commodities or scripts on Amiga OS 3.x that would "Close all windows" and "Click to Front". I haven't really found equivalents in MorphOS. Those were pretty useful. Maybe they exist, I just haven't located them for window manipulation.

    In the MorphOS preferences, in IControl, under hotkeys you can set a hotkey for "Active Window: To Front. Click in the text field next to it, then press the left mouse button once and wait a second. It should now say "mouse_leftpress" in that field, and if you save (or use) the settings, it will automatically put any window you click in to the front.

    Similarly there is also an "All Windows: Hide" option that doesn't close all windows, but at least hides them. There's then also hotkeys to show either a single hidden window or all hidden windows, which are ctrl+lalt+u and ctrl+lalt+a by default.
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