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    o1i wrote:

    jacadcaps wrote:
    Anyway, this is all because the OS4 developers decided to make their SFS incompatible with AmigaOS3 and MorphOS' SFS.

    Maybe the Enhancer Package offers another incompatible version:

    Or maybe a more compatible..

    I don't know in what cases SFS on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS are incompatible, but they are compatible for sure in this case:

    on my Pegasos2 I have both systems
    - all disks I prepare only with MorphOS tool HDconfig, blocksize 512. Even the disks for AmigaOS4
    - volumes primary used with AmigaOS are formated under AmigaOS
    - volumes for MorphOS under MorphOS
    - Morphos formated volumes are readable, writable, browsable, deletable also under AmigaOS4
    - AmigaOS formated volumes are readable, writable, browsable, deletable under MorphOS

    tested continuously for many years with various system versions

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