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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    On the PCI-E G5 there is a power connector for such large GPUs on the mainboard (upper left quarter of the board), I only had to get an adapter.

    Perhaps there is a suitable power connector on the AGP G5 mainboard as well?

    AGP G5 doesn't have an additional power connector because the gfx card is supposed to draw power from AGP port itself (it's in AGP Pro standard with additional power connector for ADC cards). Of course if you use a standard PC gfx card (not a custom Mac one) it's of no use.

    When I had an AGP G5 I used a Molex splitter to get 1 free Molex from a DVD drive and an adapter to convert one of the HDD power connectors from SATA power to second Molex.

    I know people who just draw all the power from DVD Molex connector and it's supposed to work.
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