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    > How are you using an X1950 in the X5000? I have one on the way but its
    > an AGP card isnt it? I know it was working in a friends G5 Mac Pro so
    > it cant be PCIE as far as I would remember.

    The ATI/AMD R5xx series GPUs on the Radeon X1xxx series graphics cards are PCIe chipsets. That's what they speak natively. Some graphics card manufacturers put those PCIe chipsets on AGP cards, together with a RIALTO bridge chip (not to be confused with Intel's GPU announced recently) to translate between AGP and PCIe. That's what your friend used in his PowerMac G5, provided it had AGP slots. If it had PCIe slots (PowerMac11,2), he used a PCIe X1950 card without RIALTO chip.
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