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    Thanks 1000
    Problem solved with MorphOS
    Mounted two monitors instead of one with two inputs
    If I don't disturb a cotesia yet
    With linux I still can't
    I changed the Xorg.conf device from 0 to 1 but I can't change anything
    The sequence I use for booting is the following
    setenv linuxboot
    setenv bootargs dev = / dev / sda2
    load sata 1: 1 1000000 uImage-5.18
    load sata 1: 1 2000000 cyrus-p5020.dtb
    bootm 1000000 - 2000000
    To get the video on the card mounted on the PCIe-1x do I have to add something?
    because this is how only the card mounted on the PCIe-16x works
    greetings Gianni
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