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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > there is no easy way to put a 2nd x16 PCIe card into an X5000
    > because there is only a single x16 slot

    Indeed. ATI/AMD Fire* PCIe x1 cards may be the easy way to go, then.

    > PCIe Riser [...] leads to other mechanical problems.

    This thread has examples of PCIe x1-to-x16 risers and PCIe x4-to-x16 cables that seem to work well with PCIe x16 graphics cards in the X5000 standard case.

    > it would be nice to have the software fixed to make it possible


    Would be great if we can use MorphOS 3.17 on our X5000 without the card swap hussle :-)

    I have been using the X4 to X16 cable now for the graphics cards as you can now see in the second page of the thread you refer to. That cable costs around 25 - 20 euros and the X4 connector fits nicely under the cooling fan of the Primany graphics card.

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