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    Primax wrote:
    Sorry for my stupid question, but what was problem so far?
    I have an X5000 running it with a X1650 Pro. And it works fine with MorphOS as well as OS4.1.
    So, what have been fixed in detail...?

    I wrote a long, detailed reply for you earlier, but then as I was almost done, power went out. So now you're getting the short version instead :D

    Long story short, if you have a single graphics card in the primary (x16) PCI Express slot that works for you in all the operating systems you want to run, then there was no problem. If you're in a situation where you want to use two different graphics cards for two different operating systems, or even just one graphics card in a PCI Express slot that's not the x16 slot, then you're out of luck, at least until MorphOS 3.17 gets released..

    On the MorphOS side, I fixed a few different issues that prevented MorphOS from booting with a graphics card in a non-primary PCI Express slot on the X5000, thus enabling you to, well, boot MorphOS with two graphics cards installed. And no, before anyone asks, using 3 graphics cards in the X5000 won't work with MorphOS :D
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