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    > what was problem so far?

    So far, on the X5000 you cannot dual-boot OS4 and MorphOS with OS4 using a 3D-supported PCIe card. As soon as you insert a PCIe graphics card that is supported by OS4 but NOT supported by MorphOS, MorphOS won't boot even with a MorphOS-supported graphics card in a secondary PCIe slot.

    > I have an X5000 running it with a X1650 Pro.
    > And it works fine with MorphOS as well as OS4.1.

    There are people who, opposed to you apparently, seek to run OS4 with hardware 3D acceleration with their OS4/MorphOS dual-boot setup. For those, this fix is a big deal because starting with MorphOS 3.17 they will be able to run both operating systems with 3D support without card swapping, namely with two 3D-supported graphics cards installed, one for each OS.
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