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    The ease of use running MorphOS and OS4.1 next to each other on an X5000 will grow its user base more IMHO. Hopefully the work on the X1950 running as a 2nd card next to a GCN one turns out well (Thanks bigfoot!)

    As there is no easy way to put a 2nd x16 PCIe card into an X5000 because there is only a single x16 slot opposed to e.g. a PMacG5 PCIe where I can easily fit multiple cards, I don't see any ease of use that way - unless you add a PCIe Riser of course which leads to other mechanical problems.
    Still, it would be nice to have the software fixed to make it possible (and bigfoot is working on it afaik). If that causes any increase to the MorphOS userbase is a completely different matter, though.
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