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    I use MOS! And it's NOT a real mailserver (therefore the quotes). There are only the Folders, config-files and indexfiles of YAM outsourced to the EFIKA. Both G5 (an sometime both Powerbooks too) are useing those folders/files together via Envoy-Net, so they are always synchronal. The G5 are on different locations at same office, but they never access those folders at exact the same time (before index is rebuilt). If they do, you may run in index-error - but never had that problem till yet.

    Apacheserver is MOS-native and datatransfer to Windows uses samba.

    Linux: OpenSuse for Efika can be found herehttps://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Efika
    I have'nt tried it, because I think, that 128MB RAM is'nt enough for useing linux seriously.....

    Edit: corrected wrong link!

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