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    I'm similar to jPV! Doing nearly anything with MOS and additional my office-correspondence is done by YAM (and IRIS).
    Only when office-SW (Word/Excel/PPT/Open Office or something I need which does'nt exist under MOS) is needed, I boot MacOSX or import a Nettop (Windows) with VNC to Ambient.
    For online data-transfer between different systems and as "YAM-mailserver", I use my little EFIKA (also running MOS).
    Thats a pretty good purpose to have an EFIKA - does'nt consume much energy and is absolute silent. Can also be used as small Apache-server.
    Telebanking, tax and revenue office, public dues, etc. can be done flawless with Wayfarer.
    I use 3xG5 and (of course) the EFIKA, and a VNC-operated Zotac-Nettop (Windows) in my office.

    For other purposes (and hobby) I use one more G5, PegasosII, 2xMini and 2xPB and a ASUS-Notebook (to be mobile).
    The Asus-Notebook is my OBD-server for my Guzzi-Bikes. But data stored and processed on G5.

    On Asus also runs my self-made "TI-74 PC-Interface". But programs/data from TI-74 edited/written on G5 useing MorphED. (unfortunately interface is now electrically brocken, and I've actually no time to fix ist...). This interface needs to access a parallel-port directly, because of time-critcal routines and a lot of tricks are needed to get it running (more or less) on Asus (it's technology from the 80th!). Maybe I can do this on PEGII-parallelport under MOS sometimes in future - it's ony sending and receiving data/files but prepared for TI's (very) exotic HexBus....

    You see: I use non MOS-Systems only if there is no other way.......
    Peg2, 3xPowerMac G5, 2xPowerbookG4, 2x MacMiniG4, Efika (again), A3000T and life is never boring.....
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